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Hardware is used to capture the lecturer's voice along with the video of the lecturer. Sometimes, the lecturer may use visual aids to support their speech, such as slide shows, which are presented to the audience with some kind of projector. In this case, such slide shows can also be recorded. Once captured, the data is then either stored directly on the capture hardware or sent to a server over a LAN or the Internet. After some processing to adapt the video formats to the desired distribution mechanism, codecs, etc., viewers are then able to remotely access the recording, either in real time or ex post facto.
The recording of a lecture or presentation may use any combination of the tools: MicrophoneCameraScreen capture, Presentation capture, or Document camera.


Software is used both on the capture hardware, the viewer's computer,[2] and the production serverSoftware ranges from simple web browsers and video players to stand-alone software programs made specifically for viewing lectures.[3][4] The viewer's as well as the presenter's software must be compatible with the software on the server which receives the content from the capture hardware, produces it, and sends it to the viewer's computer on-demand.[5]

Modern lecture recording software supports advanced features such as indexing through OCR, instant search, real-time video editing and annotation, along with other advanced features.[6]


Lecture recording is often used in the flipped classroom learning model as a means to provide materials outside of traditional lectures or seminars. Students are able to self-study by playing back and interacting with recorded lectures.[7]

Some educational institutions use lecture recording as a means to replace the traditional classroom with an online classroom. Lecture recording can also be used to create reference materials as a supplementary resource.[8] Some firms may also use lecture recordings as advertising, collaboration, or training materials.[9]

In addition, lecture capture technology may offer compliance with Section 508 for students with disabilities.

Here we can see a lecture capture being viewed when on the go!

This is the Perrin LT. This is one of the venues which has lecture capture installed in it.

Information on Q-Review lecture capture can be found below;


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