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In the 'Other fileds' section of your profile you can select your landing page. The key to the codes you see in the dropdown menu is listed below:

QMplus code School/Department/Institute
ADD-Category CAPD Academic Development by Distance
BLIZ-Category Blizard Institute
BUPT-Category Beijing Joint Programme
Dent-Category Institute of Dentistry
EECS-Category Electronic Engineering & Computer Science
Geog-Category School of Geography
GS-Category Global Shakespeare - Joint Masters with Warwick
Hist-Category School of History
MBBS-Category Undergraduate Medicine
NCH-category Nanchang Joint Programme
PGLaw-Category Postgraduate Law
SBCS-Category School of Biological & Chemical Sciences
SBM-Category School of Business & Management
SED-Category School of English & Drama
SEFP-Category Science & Engineering Foundation Programme
SEMS-Category School of Engineering & material Sciences
SLLF-Category School of Languages, Linguistics & Film
SMS-Category School of Mathematical Sciences
SPA-Category School of Physics & Astronomy
SPIR-Category School of Politics & International Relations
SPO-Category Sports & Exercise Medicine (WHRI)
UGLaw-Category Undergraduate Law
Wolf-Category Wolfson Institute
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