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    QMplus for Students - 2016/17


    Welcome to QMplus for students. This page contains a number of video tutorials to help you get started with QMplus as well as activities. If this is your first time using it please start at the beginning and work through each section. 

    You should be able to carry out major day to day tasks within your course area after you have watched all the following videos. However, if you have any questions that are not answered by these videos then go to the online Helpdesk and browse through the FAQs we have created for you. If you still cannot find your answer then raise a ticket within the online Helpdesk and a member of the support team will respond to you as soon as possible.

  • New QMplus Features 2017/18

    • Navigating the course

    • Accessing QMplus: how and where to login and logout

      QMplus is a web based system which works best in the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Type (note that there is no www) into your browser address bar and Log in with your standard Computing username and password. The same credentials you use to access your QMUL email.  Watch the tutorial to explore the whole process -

    • Finding your way around

      The following video screencast shows you what a typical course looks like in QMplus and how to find your way around.

    • Editing your profile

    • Activities and resources in QMplus

      The following screencast shows a number of common activities and resources which you may have in your QMplus module pages. Below the video are some examples of these.

    • Submitting assignments

      You may be asked to submit your course work on QMPlus. This tutorial demonstrates the process to successful assignment submission. Watch this video carefully and make sure you get the confirmation when you submit your course work on QMPlus.

      Please note that your assignment may or may not have Turnitin enabled.

      To find out more about 'What is Turnitin' click here.

    • Using Chat rooms and Discussion forums

      You lecturer may use chat rooms or discussion forums to do collaborative work or to answer your questions. The following video explains how you can access a chat room and a discussion forum including how to post and respond to topics.

    • Accessing your landing page

      When you log into QMplus you automatically see a generic welcome screen. Some Schools however have Landing pages. These are managed by your School and offer bespoke news and in some cases important documents. Please note that not all Schools have landing pages. This video explains how you can access your landing page and set this to appear as your default welcome screen.

    • QMplus Hub